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Procurement and Tendering


Swanjo Enterprises Limited provides advisory and consultancy on robust specification formulation and auditable evaluation methods including adjudication of Bids across various industries for both private and public sectors organisations.

1. Bid/Tender Specification
The specification is a most important section of the invitation to tender documentation, both for the purchasing organisation and for potential suppliers, since it is the specification which sets out precisely what characteristics are required of the products or services sought. There are two main types of specification – the “functional” specification which sets out the functions that the goods and/or services are expected to fulfil, including the performance to be achieved, and the “technical” specification which stipulates the technical characteristics of the goods or services, usually designated in accordance with accepted national or international technical standards. As a general rule, the specification should include expected performance or output.

2. Bid/Tender evaluation
The bid analysis team, have to assess all components of all bids. Firstly to ensure the bid is compliant, and that all parts are complete, then to compare and assess all parts, to identify the best value for money bid overall. It is most important to ensure that the necessary skills are included in the team. For example, a financial expert, a technical expert, a purchasing expert and, if necessary, a commercial or legal expert. The process must follow a defined pattern to which all participants subscribe, to ensure all bids are dealt with in exactly the same way. The methods for comparison have to be fair, thorough and demonstrably so, should inspection take place.


Logistics and Freight Forwarding


Are you involved in triangular trading?

Contact us, in cooperation with our Worldwide partnernet we handle Third-party Logistics along with all documentation and clearing services to deliver to your client's door in time, tracking included.

Direct / Consolidation Service
Charter Service (part and full Charter)
Special Cargo (DGR, temperature controlled)
Air insurance
FCL, LCL services worldwide
Special Cargo
Maritime insurance
Packing Support
Marking & labelling according to IATA, ADR, IMDG requirements


Gold and Precious Minerals


We maintain our leadership grip as one of the major producers and exporters of gold and diamond in East Africa by partnering and supporting other mining activities in the major mining areas in East Africa, which has been a pillar behind our increase of in export. Supplying good quality gold and diamond at the minimum local prices is always our target.We have high quality gold dust, gold nuggets of 23 plus Karat of 99.9% purity. All transactions and export is strictly monitored by the Government

Procurement and Tendering Logistics and Freight Forwarding Gold and Precious Minerals